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Truck Parts 101

Truck Parts 101

TRUCK PARTS 101- The Basics

The proper method of classifying truck parts manufacturers

OEM Parts: 

OEM is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It means the parts are made directly by the car manufacturer and not by a third party contractor. OEM parts as they are made by the manufacturer to fit the specifications of a particular make and model - tend to fit perfectly. However are expensive for the same reason.

After-Market Parts: 

Aftermarket parts are manufactured by a company other than your car manufacturer. They can be produced at a high volume and made to fit the specifications of different types of vehicles, not just a single car make and model. They are similar to OEM parts in like, kind, and quality. But they may not be a perfect fit because they are made by a third party manufacturer. As you can imagine, they are often also much cheaper.

Which parts are the best? 

It is easy to guess OEM parts are the better parts because they come straight from your car's manufacturer. But are they always the best parts for you? It comes down to personal preference. People that are usually very concerned about getting OEM parts include: car enthusiasts, body shop repairmen, or owners of a brand new vehicle. The rest of us tend to not know the difference or care; we just want our truck fixed. The lower cost of aftermarket parts make them a very appealing option and often the best option. 

Does it matter what kind of parts are used to repair your vehicle? 

To some people, it most definitely matters. OEM parts keep the vehicle closer to its original state. However, on the flip side, once you drive your car off of the lot, it is no longer new. So why do you need OEM parts when used parts or aftermarket parts can get the job done in a more cost-effective manner? But, it is important to note, that aftermarket parts you chose are from reputed manufacturers and are quality certified. 


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