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Alternator Bosch 0124555008

by Bosch
Part number 0124555008
Designation Alternator
Type formula NCB1 (>) 28V 35/80A
B Check/replace drive belt on alternator replacement.
 Exchange no. 0986046580
Pulley type with multiple pulley
Vacuum pump excl. vacuum pump
Fastening type Direct mounting
Construction type Compact
Angle supporting arm hole 0.0
Position of supporting arm hole at the centre
Supporting arm hole 8.1/9.0
Number of grooves 8
Pulley diameter 72,00 mm
Swivel arm hole 8.1
Spacer double swivel arm 35,50 mm
Rated current 80,000 A
Nominal voltage 28,000 V
Rotation direction Clockwise direction of rotation
Length (unpacked) 176,30 mm


DAF 1524011R
SCANIA 0518064
SCANIA 1442788
SCANIA 1475570